Commercial cat-food is probably what you choose to feed your sphynx on a daily basis. Well, let me guess it is probably affordable and just easy to use. What if I told you that commercial sphynx-food was just a door to…problems. Commercial cat food lacks a lot of things, like the lack of quality, love, and the power of positive intention put into the food. Another thing is that the people who work in the factories for minimum wage they aren’t thinking about your cat or praying over it. They don’t have the love! wouldn’t you rather eat a meal prepared by your mom or eat a frozen meal bought from the supermarket?

Many problems with commercial cat food include:
1.They don’t represent what cats eat in the wild.
2.They contain too much carbohydrates.
3.There are substances added to make to make the food “addicting.”
4.Fish- flavored cat food may contain lots of bad fish parts that may leave leave crystals in the urine, and cause heart and kidney damage due to the presence of heavy metals.

In conclusion, commercial cat food is really bad to feed to your sphynx cat Commercially prepared dry food may be fast and easy but will make cast urine more alkaline causing the increase their chances to getting infections. Now does this mean you should go hunting for natural foods for your cats like mice and rats?No. A simple way is just to search up healthy home-prepared foods which will make the difference in the end.

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