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What's it like Owning a Bambino Cat

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Are the Bambinos Hypoallergenic?

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What Grooming Bambino Cats Require?

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Are Bambino Cats Mischievous?

But no worries as they are there whenever you need cuddles too. 

You will need to consider the size of your house. Make sure you have enough space to keep the little creatures busy. You can also invest in different cat toys or much-loved feather wands that can be left for them to play with when you are not around.

What Nutrients are Essential for Bambinos?

Despite being tiny, bambino cats eat a lot. Unlike other cats, they spend a large portion of their energy keeping themselves warm due to their lack of fur. It results in a faster metabolism which causes it to eat more than a regular house cat.

The bambino gets most of its nutrients from meat products. The elements in meat ensure that your bambino cat is healthy and their skin is at a lower risk of infections or other problems.

Why the Bambino Breed is Controversial?

A controversial new cat breed, the bambino crosses the short-legged munchkin with the sphynx. It is an absolutely perfect mix of the two breeds having the general appearance of a sphynx with short legs like a munchkin.

However, some are concerned that deliberately bred short-leggeds can have different health problems due to their anatomical structure. Due to their hairless skin, the bambinos are much more vulnerable to sunburns and injuries compared to other cats and must be protected from fights with other pets and excessive sun exposure due to their delicate skin.

You might hear some controversy about owning them due to these reasons. But none of them are even near the joy you can get by owning these pretty lads!

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