Elf Kittens:  An exciting new breed

Elf is a cross breed between the American curl cat and Sphynx.  The offspring of this breed was at first, which doesn’t resemble Sphynx or American curl.  The first breed had fur and was big.

I was not satisfied with the offsprings so I didn’t Breed elf for over 10 years of generations.  However, I have finally found the right breeder who has pure Sphynx personality with completely bald and very exotic ears.

The ears of elf can take a few shapes, but the most attractive one is the real curly one.

The other types are Batman ears and semi-curl ears.  My breeders has the right cute and exotic curl.  At Sphynxworld, we enjoy the new addition to our family.  The Elf surely is a unique cat breed who resemble dogs in the way they interact with their owner.

They are playful but cuddly too.  I love the elf breed but I also love and enjoy the Sphynx and Bambino breeds!