Price list:
Sphynx $1650  Bambino $2650  Elf $1850
Breed deposit:
Sphynx :$400  Bambino:$500  Elf :$450
  • All our breeders imported from Russia
  • We scan for HCM
  • We follow the generation tree to ensure no HCM in my cats generation.
  • We have healthy cats and kittens
  • We bottle feed once to insure the most loving personality our kitten will be.

Name Gizmo
Breed : elf
Color: white
Eye color : blue
Date of birth : 10/28/19
Price :$1850
Deposit: $400
Available for reserve

Name: Charlie
Breed: sphynx
Color: blue point mink with blue eyes
Sex: male
Date of birth: 12/1/19
Available for reserve
Price: $1650
Deposit: $400

Name: king
Breed : elf
Sex : male
Date of birth : 7/10/19
Price : $1200
Deposit $400
Available for reserve







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