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Taking Care of Your Bambino Cat

The short-legged munchkin and the hairless sphynx were crossed to create the contentious new cat breed known as the bambino. It effectively combines the best traits of the two breeds, looking like a sphynx from atop its startlingly small legs.

The controversy around this breed is brought on by the worry that purposefully produced short-limbed cats are more prone to pain and health issues because of their anatomical anomalies. Additionally, the sphynx breed has its own unique set of genetic problems and is vulnerable to sunburn.

Characteristics of Bambino Cats

The child is affectionate and endowed with personality; it enjoys the company of its family and finds it difficult to spend an extended period of time alone. This little to medium-sized cat likes to play but doesn’t require a lot of physical activity. The bambino is more prone to injuries than other cats due to its lack of fur therefore, it should be shielded from other animals’ bites and scratches as well as prolonged sun exposure (even via windows), which could burn the bambino’s sensitive skin.

Bambino Cat Care

Grooming – 

Some people are drawn to the bambino because of its potential to be hypoallergenic, but no cat is entirely hypoallergenic, and the bambino still sheds some dander that can aggravate those with sensitive skin. Surprisingly, the bambino’s coat’s little “down” also requires more care than most people realize.

Bambinos’ oily skin makes them more prone to skin issues like bacterial or fungal infections because they lack a typical absorbent coat. Their downy coat and skin can be kept clean with routine bathing and soft wiping with a damp cloth.

Exercise – 

Bambinos are recognized for being spirited and remarkably agile despite having little legs. They take pleasure in playing with toys and having additional cat enrichment in and around their home. They don’t need much activity because their shorter legs can tire more quickly than ‘regular’ cats, but they still enjoy scratching and climbing on low cat trees (jumping from high surfaces is not an intelligent idea and shouldn’t be encouraged).

Children are susceptible to outdoor sunburn. If you do take your bambino cat outside, use a cat sunscreen that has been recommended by a veterinarian (human sunscreen is hazardous to pets) or stay out of the sun for no longer than a few minutes. This hairless cat is vulnerable to the cold, and its skin is more vulnerable to damage from sticks and brambles. Overall, a sedentary lifestyle is better for babies.

Typical Health Issues

The bambino is such a novel breed that it is unknown how many hereditary health issues it may have. It is safe to infer, however, that it might be vulnerable to problems that affect both the sphynx and munchkin breeds. These consist of:

  • Lordosis: While this illness can affect any cat, it is more common in munchkins. It causes the spine to curve inward too much, placing pressure on the internal organs. In some instances, it may be fatal.
  • Pectus excavatum: Another ailment that is observed in monkeys is pectus excavatum. The breastbone collapses, leading to a number of symptoms including breathing difficulties, appetite loss, and weight loss.
  • Hereditary myopathy: Sphynx cats are prone to generalized muscle weakness known as hereditary myopathy.

Nutrition and Diet

These breeders tend to produce more inbred or health-problem-carrying kittens.

When hunting for a bambino kitten, certain reputed sphynx breeders are an excellent option because they specialize in raising bambinos.

Bambino Overview

Bambinos are renowned for being incredibly friendly and lively. They enjoy company and may experience depression if left alone for an extended period of time. They prefer homes with calm kids and dogs because they are gregarious and friendly, but it is essential to take precautions to avoid hurting the bambino’s sensitive skin when playing.

Because of their propensity for oiliness, their skin requires more maintenance than the typical cat’s. Otherwise, the bambino is a cat that adapts well to indoor life and requires relatively little upkeep.


  • Playful
  • Enthusiastic and affectionate
  • Hardly any dander (relatively hypoallergenic)
  • Moderate level of energy


  • Controversial breed as a result of a genetic defect
  • Skin is prone to injury.
  • Downy skin and coat require routine bathing.

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Are bambino cats legal to own?

Although it is lawful to own a bambino cat, the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) discourages ownership and breeding because it is unethical to pass on hereditary traits that hinder a cat’s ability to function naturally, such as short legs and hairlessness.

Do bambino cats like to be held?

Being carried by these cats is safe as long as care is taken to avoid scratching their delicate skin because they have relatively low activity levels and like cuddling.

Fun Facts

Since they are a relatively new breed, there is still a lot to discover about these tiny cats.

  • Bambinos come in a variety of hues, including black, white, cream, and brown.
  • Some Bambinos, despite having hairless bodies, do have little tufts of hair at the ends of their tails and hair on the tops of their ears, making them resemble lions and lynxes.
  • These cats generally walk with a peculiar stride or waddle because of their tiny legs.
  • Be prepared for your child’s legs to dart around because Bambinos do not in any way let their short legs slow them down.
  • These cats can still move around normally and many can still jump onto things. These cats are still able to move about normally, and many of them can even jump onto reasonably high objects.
  • These felines enjoy exploring and playing. Several toys, enough space for your cat to explore, and a scratching post are all essential for keeping your Bambino content healthy. You might even discover that your Bambino would be content to have a cat tower or a covered cat bed in their home.

It appears that as time goes on, more and more people are becoming aware of the personality, characteristics, and peculiarities of the Bambino breed. If you are searching bambino cat for sale, buy one at Sphynx World.

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